Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances

Ordinance provisions for specific goals (Provisions 16-25)

Provisions from this category should be selected on the basis of whether they are appropriate to your community and consistent with your management goals. It is neither necessary nor desirable that every community adopt each of these provisions. In assembling your ordinance, you should consider those provisions that correspond to the specific goals you have established. The goal-oriented provisions are numbered 15 through 37 in the table below. Each of these provisions is related to one or more of the nine management goals (e.g., ➏) discussed under Goals for Community Forest Programs. Many of these management goals are interrelated, so some provisions are referenced to several different goals. Many of the basic provisions (e.g., Provision 15, Designate administrative responsibilities) are directly related to many of the listed goals and should be included in most ordinances.