Best Management Practices for Producing Clean Nursery Stock

8. Delivering plants

Objective:  Follow phytosanitary procedures to maintain clean stock until it has been transferred to the customer.

What to know:  Container nursery stock has a high risk of infection by Phytophthora species if exposed to these pathogenic agents. Exclusion of these pathogens provides the only viable option for maintaining nursery plants free of Phytophthora.

Best practices:

8.1. Workers should follow the phytosanitary protocols and principals already explained in this document to prevent contamination of plants as they are moved back and forth in vehicles or carts for delivery. 

8.2. Place plants only on clean sanitized surfaces for transport.  Do not move plants in unsanitized carts or wheelbarrows.  Be sure to sanitize handles.

8.3. Clean paper or plastic sheeting can be used to provide a clean surface as long as these materials are intact.